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Name:Don't Crash and Burn
Location:Palo Alto, California, United States of America
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Community description:a Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore community


Welcome to the Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore community on Dw. We're pleased as punch to have you here! Any fanworks including both Sam and Jess are welcomed with open arms, so pull up a seat and enjoy yourself.


The basics are listed here, but if you reaaally want a longer info blurb, you can also go here.

  1. This is a Sam/Jess community. As long as both Sam and Jess are prominent in your fanwork, feel free to post.

  2. No wank. Civilized discussion is awesome, but this is not the place to get into a giant wank fest.

  3. Spoilers are not cool. Please, place it behind a cut. Not everyone has the same viewing schedule that you do. As of March 28, 2010, season five spoilers need to be under a cut and clearly labeled so that people know what they're getting into. The !spoilers tag would also be appreciated.

  4. Cuts are appreciated. Fanfiction more than 200 words probably needs a cut. 3 icons are great for previews. Thumbnails for larger pieces of art. Picspams need a cut.

  5. Headers are awesome. If you have your own, feel free to use them. If you don't, you can use this one.

  6. So, the tags system is actually pretty extensive. Browse through and tag what is applicable. If you'd like more specific tags, that's great! The !author tag and !need tags tags will automatically put you on a list and make sure that you're not missed. (However, it is very likely that completely untagged entries probably get tagged anyways.)

  7. Warnings are important! Check out the warnings & ratings tags and make sure to use them! If you need a warning tag that isn't listed drop us a comment!


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Questions, problems, suggestions? Feel free to send a direct message to [personal profile] anaraine or comment here.

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